Wednesday, 16 December 2015

MURGATROYD'S BRINE PUMPS - The last of their kind

Despite the recent poor weather, work has continued on the building.

Old boarding has been removed as has the asbestos sheeting apart from that under the tank which needs to be done separately. The windows and doors have all been uncovered and another doorway, which will be preserved, has been uncovered. The original frames are being retained so far as possible and new framework to receive the doors and windows will be inserted where necessary. Boarding has been reinstated until the final installation of doors and windows is carried out. The main priority is keeping everything watertight, dealing with the purlins, and renovating the gable ends and wall plates where required.

A work programme for replacing some timbers and steel work on the gantry has been issued. The work that is needed to renovate the water tank has been priced and agreed and will start in the new year. 

If there are any of you out there who are interested in volunteering your time next year we'd love to hear from you

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